support at your finger tips

Support at your finger tips


Servapp Support

Prior to version 4 your only option for support was to call Servapp or your reseller during regular business hours. Servapp realises that most businesses in hospitality work well outside these hours so you need 24/7 support. While Servapp offers this service there are additional charges.


We have created a support website where you can how-to’s and helpful tips to navigate your point of sale software and the back office (soon to be called myServapp). While the site is quite new and the number of articles is low we are committed to creating new articles and once the new back office is available we will start to better resources for both POS software and back office.

Community Forums

We have also created a community forum which allows our customers to ask questions, offer support, tips and tricks to one another. Servapp team members will also keep an eye on these forums to offer their support and guidance when required.

You can use your current Servapp login credentials to access the forum as it is members only.

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